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About Perfumes

How annoying is it if you apply perfume in the morning and you can't smell anything by lunch?

Sometimes it is due to a bad perfume, but most of the time you just apply it wrong.

The most common mistake: putting perfume on your wrists and then rubbing them together.


Applying perfume to the chest creates nice perfume clouds during the day, while applying it to the wrists is good if you move your hands while speaking.

If you put perfume on the back of your neck, everyone will smell you as you walk by. You can also apply it to the back of your knees if you are wearing a skirt or dress.

In addition, it stays better on skin that is well lubricated with a moisturizing cream.

How do you choose the right scent?

1. If it's a white floral scent, it can be very strong, so don't over-apply. Fresh citrus scents can then be applied several times a day.

2. If you want to wake up: opt for a citrus scent. In the evening, replace it with a seductive Oriental scent.

3. If you're testing in the store: spray your perfume about four inches from your skin or spray it on a paper stick.


Fragrance Types;

Listed below are the major levels of fragrance type, ranging from the less strongest (generally cheapest) to the strongest (most expensive):

Splash and aftershave

Low perfume essence at about 1-7%.

Eau de cologne

Again, a low perfume essence, at about 2-6%.

Eau de toilette

Also known as cologne, it contains slightly more perfume essence at about 5-15% (usually about 10%).

Eau de parfum and perfume

Also called perfume extract, these are the highest level at about 10-20% essence (usually about 15%).

The higher the concentration of perfume essence, the longer the fragrance of the perfume will last and the less you will need - but the more expensive it will likely be. The scent style and ingredients used also affect the duration of the scent, so it's worth experimenting with different types of perfume before buying a large, expensive bottle. offers a solution here, because with us you always shop cheaply. Whether it is an eau de toilette or an eau de parfum.